Serbia is located on Pan-European Corridor 10 which is the shortest route between central/western and southernmost Europe. It runs through eight countries: Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece. European routes E70 and E75 meet in Belgrade, E75 and E80 in Niš.

The main road routes in Serbia

From the north, from the border with Hungary, route E75: Horgoš - Subotica - Novi Sad - Belgrade - Niš - Vranje - Preševo and on to Macedonia.

From the west, from the border with Croatia, route E70: Batrovci - Sremska Mitrovica - Belgrade - Pančevo - Vršac - Vatin continuing on to Romania.

From the east, from the border with Bulgaria, route E80: Gradina - Dimitrovgrad - Pirot - Niš - Prokuplje - Priština - Kosovska Mitrovica - Mehov Krš and on to Montenegro.

To enter Serbia, drivers of vehicles with foreign number plates need:

This section contains all the important information you need on roadside assistance, car insurance, road tolls, traffic regulations in Serbia, fuel, what to do in an accident, parking and car rental.

Car rental

Car rental services are available in all large towns and cities and at airports. Besides international car rental companies, there are also a large number of Serbian companies.

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