Important phone numbers

Police - 192

Fire department - 193

Emergency 194

Exact time - 195

Telegrams by phone - 1961

Call center for complaints - 19771

Informing and alerting department - 1985

Help on the way - 1987

Military Police - 19860

Military Ambulance - 1976

International information - 19011

Phonebook - 11811

Awakening - 19811

Other Information - 19812

Mobile operators in Serbia:

Telekom Serbia A.D. - mt:s:

Operator’s telephone code: 064 - 065 - 066

Operations in Mobile Telephony of Serbia (mt: s) officially began in August 1998.

“Mt:s” is the largest operator in Serbia.

For all these years, the slogan “You have friends” is justified by the large number of customers, service quality and innovation in mobile telephony, following the world trends.

Telekom’s network covers 96% of the Serbian population.

Telenor doo

Operator’s telephone code: 062 - 063 - 069

Telenor is one of the largest mobile operators in the world, with ownership interests in 13 mobile operators across Europe and Asia with a total of 164 million users, of which 3.047 million in Serbia, according to the data from the third quarter of 2008.

Telenor is the largest telecommunications company in Norway and world-wide one of the fastest growing providers.

Telenor’s network covers all major cities and roads in Serbia. Their services reach 95% of the population of Serbia.

VIP mobile (member of Mobilkom AG)

Operator’s telephone code: 060 - 061

Vip mobile is a private mobile operator, owner of the third mobile telephony license in Serbia for GSM and UMTS networks and is the exclusive strategic partner of Vodafone in Serbia. Vip mobile is a member of Mobilkom Austria Group, which has 17.9 million users in eight countries of the region. Vip mobile is at the end of March 2009 had more than 1 million active subscribers.

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