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There are over 300 different thermal springs, called „banja“ (bania – spa) in Serbia! You will be surprised to see a great number of persons going there for healthcare or to chill out. Some of these places use the same treatments as there were before 50 years as some other use the very new ones.



vrnjacka-banja-sThe most famous Spa in Serbia, situated in a very large park near Kraljevo, founded in 1968. Thanks to its natural characteristics and the good traffic connection, Vrnjačka banja has become one of the leading tourist places in Serbia. Vrnjacka banja has a long tradition, thanks to a large number of thermal springs dating from roman time. Vrnjačka banja has 5 sources of hot water between 17 ° C and 36 ° C.  In summer, the place offers cultural events (literary evenings, concerts, etc…) and a great carnival! You can even enjoy sports, as skiing and hiking on the mountain of Goč, rafting on the Morava.

CARE: diabetes, rheumatism, cardio-vascular diseases





150 km southwest of Belgrade. Just 15 minutes drive from Čačak,.it’s really worth stopping this small and magical thermal center. Ovčar banja (ovac in Serbian is a sharp) has got natural water temperature 36-38°C and mineralization of 0.66 mg / l.Ovčar banja benefits of a natural beauty with the „kablarska gorge“ which is one of the most beautiful gorges in Serbia and is surrounded by picturesque mountains. On the river of West Morava were built and two artificial lakes suitable for water sports and fishing. Monasteries, churches, cultural and historical monuments in this area are a unique cultural and historical complex. Besides that, enjoy recreational sports, fishing, hiking, swimming in the most beautiful pool in Serbia (Kablar Hotel).

CARE: rheumatologic diseases, degenerative rheumatism, spondylosis, arthritis, the consequences of broken bones, nerve diseases.



Ribarska banja (riba means fish in Serbian) is located at 200km south of Belgrade, in central Serbia about 35km from Kruševac. It is surrounded by dense forest with always fresh and clean air, at an altitude of 540 m. The thermal existence is related to the more ancient times, and it is estimated that the hot water were used by the Roman legions and in the Middle Ages by the Serbian nobility. There are 6 sources of mineral water, with temperatures from 38°to 42 °C, and the dense forests and clean air has a characteristic climatic places. You can enjoy sport and recreation and a variety of entertainment events.

CARE: conditions after bone fracture and surgery, joint contractures, spinal deformities, traumatic and postoperative paresis, paresis of nerves, hemiplegia, hemi paresis.



Niška Banja is located in southeast Serbia. It lies at the foot of the mountain „of Suva Planina“, at an altitude of 248 m. It is 10 km from Nis and 250 km niskabanja-sfrom Belgrade. Specificity of water of Niška Banja is its radon mineral and natural mineral peloid. Healing waters, which originate from five sources („main source“, „Dry Spa“, „School Fountain“, „Banjica“ and „Pasjača“), belong to the group of alkaline earth homoeothermic (36-38 ° C), slightly mineralized. The natural site is exceptional, with the vicinity of the forest park Koritnik, arranged with running track, and the Bojanin water gorge. Note a recreational riding club and a bowling besides all the sport fields.

CARE: cardiovascular disease, conditions after coronary artery bypass surgery, rehabilitation after hip arthroplasty and knees, rheumatology, conditions after damage to the central peripheral motor neurons, inflammatory and functional sterility.



prolom-s300 km south of Belgrade, 85 km from Nis, 26 km souheast of Kuršumlija, on the southern slopes of Mount Sokolović (550-668 m above sea level) has several sources of mineral water temperatures from 26 to 31.5 C. „Prolom voda (water)“ has a pleasant taste and no smell, so it is recommended to healthy people as the drinking water of exceptional quality!Note that this region is famous for its monasteries and churches (Church of St.. Petka, Lazarica) and that the spa is not far away from „Djavolja Varoš“, exceptional natural site in Srbija.

CARE: kidney and urinary tract diseases, digestive, skin diseases, diseases of blood vessels, soft tissue rheumatism



200 km north of Belgrade, Kanjiža is situated in Voivodine, in the region of „Bačka“, at 36 km south-east of Subotica. Spa is located in the center of the city park where the therms have been discovered.Thermo-mineral water of this spa is sodium-hydrocarbon – hyper sulfide, with sources of 51° C, 64° C, 72° C.Very interesting to see, the centers of cities Subotica and Kanjiže… Other good things: the two closed swimming pools, sauna, courts for football, basket ball, hand ball and tennis.

CARE: rheumatism, rehabilitation of children, damaged nervous system



360 km south of Belgrade, 2.5 km of Bujanovac. This is an interesting spa because of its Thermo mineral waters, mud and carbon dioxide. You can even enjoy the cultural visit of monasteries nearby. These are Manastir St. Prohor Pčinjski (11 century), St. Đorđe at Stari Nagorićani and Manastir Gračanica.


CARE: rheumatic diseases, conditiones after injuries and surgery, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, some cardiovascular diseases, disorders of pheriperal circulation.


Located 300 km south of Belgrade, Kuršumlijska banja has several types of medical treatment (14 ° C to 63 ° C). In addition to water, this spa is known for its medicinal thermo mineral peloid (mud). This spa has a very vibrant environment. Is possible to organize trips to Đavolja Varoš (Devil’s Town), the world’s unique natural phenomenon, which is located on the slope of Radan Mountain.


CARE: prevention and treatment of injuries and diseases musculoskeletal system, rheumatic diseases, respiratory diseases, neurological diseases, metabolic diseases children and adult anemia.


Novopazarska banja is located at 280 km south of Belgrade. Novi Pazar spa is rich in mineral water springs where the temperature at the source of 52 ° C. Nearby, don’t miss the monasteries Sopoćani, Đurdevi stupovi and old city of Ras. The surrounding mountains Golija is suitable for picnics and recreation.


CARE: treatment and prevention of neuromuscular diseases, rheumatism, sciatica, sport and other injuries, condition after stroke, dermatology, gynecology


pribojska-banja-panoramaPribojska Banja is located near by the town of Priboj in South-western Serbia at the altitude of 550 meters, 320 km south-east of Belgrade. Located at the top of the deep wooded and cultivated river valley and surrounded by mountains of Stari Vlah and Pobijenik. The thermal mineral springs provides 70 liters of water per second, with a temperature of 37°C. Pribojska Banja was known by ancient Romans. During the Middle age, it was settled on the main road which led from Bosnia to Constantinople and was the hangout of many passengers and caravans. The hospital treating St. Sava’s ill feet was founded here at the time of famous Nemanjić Dinasty in 12th century. The story of regeneration of King Uroš, the son of the King Stefan the First (Uros „harsh“), who had a skin disease was included in peoples’ traditional poems. Old Turkish Baths with mineral springs were used by the Turks who conquered these areas in that time.


CARE: chronic rheumatic inflammation of articular and muscular system, neuralgias, inflammation of peripheral nerves, polyneuritis, gynecological diseases, consequence of bone and muscule injuries, convalescent states, skin and healing of skin changes caused by consequences of diabetes and weak peripheral circulation.


vranjska-banjaLocated at 418 km south of Belgrade near Vranje Vranjska banja is among the low-sulfur, alkaline, saline ferrous hyper thermal. The temperature of water is one of the highest in Europe, ranging from 94 to 110°C. The spa offers hydrotherapy, kinesitherapy, electrotherapy electro stimulation, thermotherapy … It is surrounded by mountain.


CARE: treatment and prevention of rheumatism, traumas and conditions after bones fractures, neurological disorders gynecological diseases…


Only 46 km south of Belgrade, near Mladenovac. The temperature of water is about 50°C with alkaline-muriatic acid carbon and mineral water „Selters“. The water received international recognition in 1903 Selters Spa of Mladenovac is situated on the slopes of the Mount of Kosmaj (630 m), on a spacious wooded area and not far away from the cultural sites of Topola and Oplenac.


CARE: treatment and prevention of degenerative and inflammatory rheumatism, post-traumatic conditions, chronic respiratory diseases, consequences of damage to the central nervous system vascular origin.


zvonacka-banjaSituated at 360 km southeast of Belgrade, this banja has got natural healing and therapeutic qualities. The temperature of the sources of mineral water is at 28°C. Close to the Spa, there is the picturesque gorge of Jerma Reef Asenovo Kale, at an altitude of 1032 is one of the rare places in Serbia where you can see eagles nest. There are opportunities for hunting, fishing and hiking on the mountain Stara Planina. There are two indoor pools and courts for basketball, soccer, volleyball and tennis.


CARE: treatment and prevention nervous diseases (neuralgia, neurasthenia, psychoneurosis, vegetative neurosis), high blood presure, peripheral circulation disorders, rheumatism, disease management, menopausal symptoms, inflammatory eye changes.


Lukovska banja is situated 325 km south of Belgrade. It has natural healing and different sources of mineral water at a temperature of 56°C and 69 °C, and their yield (100 l/s is among the richest in the country. Near the spa is particularly attractive monument Đavola Varos(„Devil’s Town”). There is a sports and recreation possibilities with indoor swimming pool.


CARE: treatment and prevention of inflammation diseases, rheumatism, degenerative diseases and conditions following spinal injuries.


gamzigradska2Located at 220 km of Belgrade and 11 km of Zaječar, Gamzigradska spa has healing mineral water sources with a temperature of 42°C. Near by the mountain Rtanj, Zlotska caves and a number of lakes, the spa offers recreational facilities for the preparation of athletes, two football fields sport courts and tennis courts … Gamzigrad is also one of four Roman imperial cities in Serbia Felix Romuliana),with preserved polychrome mosaic pavement. You can join pleasure and culture!gamzigradska1

CARE: treatment and prevention of diseases of the lymphatic system, gynecological diseases (women infertility), joint and soft tissue rheumatism, post traumatic conditions, neurological disorders, connective tissue diseases, anomalies in childhood.


Mataruška banja is located 160 km south of Belgrade 8km from the Kraljevo. The center has got natural healing and therapeutic sources of mineral water with temperature of 42°C to 51°C with a lot of sulfur 25 mg l. This spa is surrounded by mountains. Tables, Troglav and Čemerno that are suitable for picnics hunting and hiking. The spa is surrounded by rich cultural and historical heritage monasteries, especially. Studenica (12th century) Ljubostinja (14th century) and the medieval city of Maglić (14th century). There’s the possibility of organizing congress tourism seminars, conferences symposia.


CARE: treatment and prevention of degenerative rheumatic diseases, inflammatory rheumatic diseases in a calm and clinical laboratory phase, conditions after corrective surgery on the locomotive apparatus, chronic gynecological diseases, and consequent infertility, paresis and paralysis of peripheral motor neurons, skin diseases.


sijarinska-1Situated at 330 km south of Belgrade, Sijarinska banja has got natural healing and curative mineral water with a temperature of 32 ° C to 72 ° C. There is also a sulphurous mud.In the spa there is a hot water geyser whose water column reaches a height of 8 meters and erupts every 10 minutes! Located in the valley of the mountain Jablanica Goljak, Sijarinska banja is surrounded by dense forest and protected by strong winds. You can then enjoy river fishing. There’s also a swimming pool and a large number of courts.


CARE: treatment and prevention sciatica, lumbago, stomach and bowel disease, kidney and urinary tract, sand in urethra, the state after surgically removing or destroying stones, disease of the liver, bile tract and pancreas, gynecological disorders, inflammatory processes and certain forms of infertility, lung diseases, neurosis, milder forms of diabetes, conjunctivitis.


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