In the place where the Danube got enlarged after the first narrow passages, the site of Golubac has been situated nonchalantly on the coast of a kind of a peaceful internal lake. Taking advantage of the 6 km width of the Danube and of a continuant West-East wind Golubac used to entertain the national championships in sailing and kayak. You may profit from this pause to go in the sailing board. In the environment there are the possibilities of fishing the trout on the Danube and of hunting in the heights of the national park of Djerdap (contact the tourist office at 012 78 145).

The Fortress

With its nine towers and its trenches on a rocky hill on the Danube bank, the fortress of Golubac has represented one of the most important monuments in Serbia. Constructed at the beginning of XIV century by Hungarians, the castle of Golubac had passed a short time in the hands of Serbs to be taken by Turks in 1391. The Austrians had conquered it many a time, but the Ottoman had been controlling this position on the Danube till 1867 when it had been taken by the Serbian State.

One may come there after leaving the burgh, but you should park your vehicle 200 meters before the site and continue by foot. One should climb two square towers on the summit and arrive by foot at the donjon, but unfortunately the pathway of the guard does not exist any longer. Having in view the shape of its towers and its barrage trenches Golubac was constructed for the defence against the cold weapon attackers. But with the appearance of the cannons the castle had been reconstructed the three most exposed towers had been transformed into the circular or polygonal shape. The lower tower has been polygonal oriented toward the banks Danube and had been constructed by Turks with the holes and equipped with cannons. It could parry the Austrians. Thanks to these works a fleet of 100 battleships could be protected.


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