Belgrade, the city at the confluence of the Danube and the Sava has forged to itself the confluence of cultures as different as the East Ottoman, the Austrian Europe and the Slav civilisation. Destroyed more than twenty times in the course of its millennial history, Belgrade has kept a Balkanic firmness and pride. The “White Town” surprises always especially by its stormy rhythm of life and by a certain nonchalance that found their origins in its history full of movements. So trip to Belgrade is also a trip through history!

Belgrade has above all been noticeable by its taste for liberty. The stubborn defence against the Germanic attacks in 1915 as well as the spirit of resistance of its inhabitants have forged strong values of independence in its population.

In 1980s Belgrade has been before all other towns in Yugoslavia a port for the independent journals and a focus of the contest against the fetters of the communist administration. It has been totally natural that this attacking spirit found its vent in winter 1996-97 in a longer movement of the pacific contest organized against the communism of Eastern countries. The Belgrader has been voluntarily boastful and contestable and he never hesitates to say in a high voice what he thinks!

Belgrade has been constructed on a group of hills leaning on the Danube and Sava offers various urban landscapes suitable to walking and discovering. Before your trip to Belgrade, we strongly advise you to stay in some of the hotels in the city center because you can visit everything on foot. From the fortress of Kalemegdan dominating the Sava to the height of the ancient royal estate in Topcider, going through the bohemian Skadarlija, this variety makes many days necessary to discover the “white city” But one place has been imposed itself to welcome those who start their trip here in Belgrade or to say good-bye to them – the walking Street Knez Mihailova. This is the main artery of the town which everybody passes at least once a day, and Belgraders need not to make rendezvous as they always meet a wanted person there. So if you are planning a trip to Belgrade, you should get used to the general philosophy of  farniente and an entirely oriental exhaustion.

It is this mixture of nonchalance, festive Balkan spirit and obvious oriental influences expressed by certain culinary specialities, by the taste for the Turkish coffee, or in certain musical sonorities, with the opening towards the Western culture, which make of Belgrade a very special city.

The variety of choice is very large… in summer and winter. In summer, you will be able to go swimming in the Lake of Ada Ciganlija, to taste roasted fish, and to finish your evenings at one of the houseboats. In winter, you can take a sljivovica in an old bar, then dance in one of the cellars discotheques which are located below Kalemegdan. You will want this trip to Belgrade never to end!

All in all, “the white city”, illuminated by thousand night lights , opens its arms to you! One is for sure, Belgrade will not disappoint you!


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