Bars and restaurants – Belgrade

The city that never sleeps and where the FUN is written in capital letters! Belgrade lives a dynamic night life that answers all the wishes and always reacts to the new tendencies. Each month there is an opening of a new clubs, cocktail-bars, lounges or discotheques in Belgrade. The Belgraders never go out before midnight to the discotheques, so your evening should  start  in one of the trendy bars or restaurants! After that – a club, discotheques or a barge, according to your mood and your taste!

Or another plan – a pleasant walk along the Danube, after that choose one of the numerous barges that corresponds the most  to your temperament ( the choice is large ). You can enjoy watching the river, breathing the fresh air and observing the life on the Danube on the other bank for example, or just look at the people that walk by. Then, if you like it  – and you’ll like it for sure – you can order a meal, since the majority of the “splavovi” make bar, restaurant and sometimes discotheque at the same time! All that while the water is running  peacefully …

We propose some popular and confirmed addresses, but you’re free to stroll and to discover some new place!