Serbia offers skiing with developing facilities, set in beautiful scenic mountains, with traditional Serbian hospitality. Skiing in Serbia allows visitors to enjoy a no-frills ski experience in a completely different culture. The skiing is mainly best for beginners. The beautiful mountains are home to good snow coverage throughout the country’s long cold winter, and they provide a stunning backdrop to the slopes. The main ski resorts of Serbia are Kopaonik, Zlatibor, Tara, Zlatar and Stara Planina, offering smaller areas for locals to visit. Tara offers interesting terrain on one of the most beautiful mountains in the country. For non skiers, the resorts also offer many other activities for everyone to enjoy such as sleigh rides, beautiful winter walks through the forests as well as a chance to improve your hand-eye coordination on the indoor tennis courts. Being a country with more than a hundred mountains, Serbia is suitable for all sorts of skiing and snowboarding holidays. Some of the lower Serbian mountains like Zlatibor, Divčibare and Goč offer perfect conditions for beginners to learn the basics, while higher mountains like Kopaonik and Stara Planina challenge even the most experienced skiers and snowboarders. Thanks to the recent construction of the new resorts, slopes, ski lifts and snow cannons – skiing conditions have been significantly improved and after many years Serbia is considered to be a great destination for a budget ski holidays in the environment of almost untouched nature.

The After-Skiing

Ski holidays in Serbia are particularly praised for their après-ski activities. The compact style of the destination everything is located close together means that the après-ski destinations around the village are small but lively and inviting. The area’s cafes restaurants and bars all offer plenty to skiers coming off the slopes after a day of fun in the snow.


 Kopaonik : (Central Serbia)

Kopaonik-piste-map2In the south of Kraljevo, situated between two tops of 2.017 m (Pančičev vrh) and 1.976 m (Suvo Rudište), Kopaonik is the leading ski centre in Serbia. Kopaonik appears like a complete winter sports resort, with 22 tracks of an overall length of 60 km, including 4 black tracks, 6 reds and 11 blue and 4 tracks for children. In addition to the Alpine skiing, one can practice paragliding, snow-boarding, or spend quality time in fun-park for the half-pipe and excursions of “free ride”; alpinism, free-climbing and the walks in ski-safari to the highest tops. Of course, basic ski runways in the valleys, through splendid forests of fir trees and motor bike-ski in low altitude. In the summer, we suggest various activities like trekking, mountain-biking, horse-back riding, photo safari in the Jeep, rafting and paragliding in the large National park of Kopaonik.

Stara planina : (Eastern Serbia)


Stara planina, the biggest mountain in the Eastern Serbia, makes the natural border with Bulgaria. It is situated 70 km from Nis, 100 km from Zajecar and 330 km from Belgrade. The ski centre “Babin Zub,” on 1722 m above sea level, consists of three trails, recently constructed four seat lift with capacity of 1500 skiers per hour and ski-
lift anchor with a capacity 1200 skiers per hour. According to the plan Stara Planina would soon become one of the largest and most important ski centres in Serbia.

Zlatibor :(Western Serbia)

ZlatiborZlatibor is a great mountain in western Serbia, the average altitude of 1000 m. It is located about 230 km from Belgrade. Its highest point is Tornik (1496 m). Tornik Center, at an altitude of 1110-1490 meters, with its four ski slopes, recently constructed 6-seat ski trails and ski drags, is adapted to different categories of skiers.Near Zlatibor, there are many historical, cultural and ethnological monuments and attractions.


Goč is an ideal place for skiing for beginners and children. Resting homes and a ski club are situated 920 m above the se
ski-staza-goca level. There are two 300 m long ski tracks with 2 ski lifts for beginners and children. Close to the Dobre Vode Hotel there is a 1150 m long track followed by a one seat ski lift. On the half-way of the track there is an intermediate stop. The upper part of the track is gently inclined which is suitable for beginners, whereas the lowest part is quite steep. Five tracks, varying in length and
inclination, are marked for Nordic skiing. Goč is situated 200 km away from Belgrade with two highways leading to it: from Kraljevo via Kamenica to the Dobre Vode peak and from Vrnjačka Banja to Strašinci.


The town of Divčibare is situated 980 meters above sea level and has a mild climate, rich flora and fauna, abundance of streams and water as well as suitable terrain configuration. Nearby heights and gentle bends are covered with snow for at least 3 to 4 months per year. All this makes Divčibare equally attractive during both summers and winters. Crni vrh, a 850 meters long ski track with a two-seat ski lift with 1200 skiers an hour capacity, is also within its winter tourist offer. A spa resort can as well be found in the central part of Maljen mountain. As of this winter, skiers will be able to reach the longest ski track on the north slope of Crni Vrh using the two-seat ski lift. The starting point of the ski lift is at the Pepa Hotel. The track is 800 meters long and being well lit during nights, allows the luxury of night skiing. Three smaller ski tracks, up to 300 meters long, are located at the Zmaj Resort, at Stevan Filipović Resort on Golubac and at the Stražara height. Divčibare valley has excellent ski tracks for Nordic skiing.

Ski equipment divcibarecan be rented and serviced in hotels and resorts and there is a ski school open every winter. Well maintained walk paths and mountain tracks are longer than one kilometer and it takes 30 to 45 minutes of leisure walk to cover the distance. All the tracks are visibly marked and their start is in the town centre going towards the mountain peaks Paljba (1.051 m), Velike pleći (1.037 m) i Crni vrh (1.096 m). Divčibare is an ideal place for rest and recreation. It is the right choice for families with children, for the people who would like to escape hectic city life and for those who would like to spend their holidays in peace and quiet. Marketplace on the mountain is very busy place where you can buy the famous Divčibare kajmak (a dairy dish), delicatessen and brandy aged even up to one decade. Features of the centre: Vertical drop of 900 m; Highest peak 1095 m; Ski tracks total: 850 m; Ski lifts total: 1; Medium-sized tracks total: 1; Maximum height difference195 m; Longest track: 850 m. Divčibare is situated 38 kilometres southeast from Valjevo. If coming from Belgrade, use Ibarska magistala (Ibar highway) via Divći and Mionica (117 kilometres).


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