Rafting and Canoying

Serbia is a country with many rivers, the best rafting in Balkans and in Europe can be found here. Try white rafting on Lim, the Ibar River or on Tara, a unique region inEurope . Mountains regions between Serbia, Montenegro and the Serbian Republic, offers great opportunities for rafting.

Canyons of the rivers have carved wild rapids-perfects prices for rafting and adventure. You can choose rivers such as the Drina, Ibar, Lim and Tara. While explores the nature of  Serbia, enjoy with delicious organic food and the wine they produce the kind hosts.



 raftingTara is one of the most beautiful and the most interessting river in Serbia. Tara suited for river rafting in the length of 100 km. The Tara canyon can be divided in two parts ; the upper and lower part of the upper part of the canyon. You will starting in Splaviste, near Djurdjevic Tara , and from there, begin rafting tours during which passes through the entire canyon of Tara. In the upper part, the deepest part of the canyon is near the camp Radovan . The starting point on the lower part of the canyon is Brstanovica which is the most common item because it is the most attractive part for foreign people as well as for athletes. This part is about 25 km long and ends in our rafting center. In this section , when the World Rafting Championship took place rafting WORLD CHAMPION 2009. On this part of the river there are wild rapids , so this tour is often referred as ” adrenaline tour ” . Rafting tours do not go without a professional skipper and complete equipment. Season rafting on Tara throughout the year . The water level rises at the beginning of the year, reached its maximum usually in March and April , when it is also the largest level and then proportionally , the water level drops to the end of summer. The weather’s air in the canyon of Tara in the summer months reaching over 30 degrees during the day, and during the night is always the alliance. The water temperature is moving 7-8 up to 11-12 degrees in the summer months. The most common question is : When is the best time for the attractive rafting on Tara ? The answer to this question is ALWAYS ! Most of adrenaline in April , May and June , but with decreasing water levels in July, August and September, Tara always offers something new and we often say that we will never have the same ride twice.




If you want to try the real rafting, you can, at one of the cleanest rivers in Europe; Lim. Thanks to rafting trips  you could admire nature. You can get closer to spring, Lim is wild and mysterious river that is hard to timeRafting - Lim

In the summer mirujnija and resting, collect energy for the fall.

Take a deep breath. The rapids come in a continuous rowalong the river while rafting ride.

Lim regatta is 130 km long river rafting regatta, which is heldin late May of each year starting from the 2000th raceh a international character, not only because of rafting which takes place in two countries (Montenegro and Serbia), but also because of the large number of international participants. Regatta takes three days and begins in Montenegro from lakes formed where rivers Lim. After 130 kilometers exciting and full of adrenaline rafting ride, race ending near the Serbian town of Prijepolje, at the mouth of the river Milosevski and river Lim.



 Ibar - raftingIbar River flow sthrough the pictures queland scape of the west of Serbia. Ibar’s river has lots of rapids, water falls. Severa lmountain rivers are tributaries of the river Ibar; Studenica river, Raska, Dubocica, trifle, Lopatnica and rivers tavern. Ibar is very suitable river for fishing, rafting and kayaking. “We are down hill” is organized every spring on the river Ibar, it’s exciting sports and tourist event. The best time for rafting on the river Ibar river begins in May and the end in oktober. The waterin May and June is quite high because of melting of snow. This part of the Ibar River is abundant rapids, whirlpools and later followed by a quiet stream of water. 25 km long adventurous raftingon the river Ibaris ending after three and a half hours undermedieval fortress Maglic. Rafting the Ibar River, which begins and ends below  then ebulaisat Matarusk aBanja (16km). Ibar’s water is crystal blue which isi deal for swimming.



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