Extreme sports

Mountain Ozren (Eastern Serbia)

  • Free-climbing on the slopes of the fortress of Sokograd
  • Apnea diving on the beach “6Kc”
  • Cyclo-cross on the mountain Rtanj
  • Cycling around the lake Bovansko, to the sources of Moravica, or to the buttresses of the mountain Rtanj
  • Excursions on foot at the top of the Rtanj mountain, or of the Ozren mountain, to the monastery Jermencic

The canyon of Tara

  • Rafting on 100 km of the river Tara, “the jewel of Europe”
  • The longest and the deepest canyon in Europe, at certain places deep up to 1.300 m, classified as the world inheritance of UNESCO.
  • To go down the most beautiful part of the canyon, you have the choice between a boat or a wooden raft.
  • Look for the falls of Ljutice, the bridge of Tara (150 m high, the highest in Europe), the old Roman road, then the waterfalls of Tepacki, the canyon of Susica, Bailova etc.


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