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Bicycle Alliance of Serbia(BSS) has registered a large number of cycling club sand several clubs for mountain cycling. The country organize a large number of competitions in various disciplines and categories, but the most important is the international cycling race”Race through Serbia”, founded in 1939. The race takes place in June and has about 300 international participants. Occurs along the Danube River is 1,040 km long asphalt, passing through Serbia and bears the EuroVeloroad 6, which means that itis on the Atlantic-Black Searoad, the European Cyclists Federation(ECF). Mountain biking trail sexist in Zlatibor, Mokra Gora, Tara mounta in Homolje, Stara Planina, etc…

Apart from providing entertainment for cyclists, the serbian’s landscape is versatile and perfect with its stunning valleys, gorges, rivers and especially with the traditional hospitality of the Serbian people.



•Experience cosmopolitan enjoying the coffee culture of the modern Belgrade

•Cycle through stunning landscapes

Hike in a remote region of Serbia, explored by few

•Serbian brands such as wine, brandies, bread, meatand cheese.


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