Nature & Outdoors

Preserved nature, the soft climate, the fresh air spiced by the smell of hay and wild flowers, the rivers and the lakes with crystalline water and the extraordinary flora and fauna, make Serbia the destination number 1 in rural tourism! Communities of Kosjerić, Valjevo, Ljig, Čačak, Požega, Knić, Lučani, Mionica, Užice, Sokobanja, Čajetina, Prijepolje, Brus, Šabac, Kraljevo, Ivanjica, Rača Kragujevačka and Gornji Milanovac are ready to accommodate the tourists from all over the world.

A stay in nature offers to you the possibility of the excursions, the different sports, hunting and fishing or horsemanship. You can gather the wild fruits and the medicinal plants, visit the caves, the drills or the waterfalls in the surroundings.

You like discovering different cultures in a local environment? The stay in the countryside is ideal for you. You have the possibility to discover Serbia from the nearby while learning the local habits and traditions, tasting the traditional kitchen or visiting one of the local fairs and tourist animations. If not, you can simply layback and do nothing at all, just look at the blue sky, breath the fresh air and listen to the sounds of nature!

The network of rural houses in the different communities offers not only the necessary conveniences for a pleasant stay, but also the possibility to be totally emerged in the local culture.

The experience that will enrich you for life and will make you come back to Serbia again!


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