Taverns are places that have a soul. And in them the human heart usually opens. Do we not love woes, or are we happy – your emotions can always show with traditional music. She knows the way to the soul of each of us. Tamburasi are always a good idea, no matter in which we […]

Hip Hop Festival – 2Hot4Stage fest vol.3 – 17, 18 and 19 of February. In mid-February we will have one of the biggest events on the Serbian and regional hip hop scene, the festival called “2Hot4Stage Fest”. Held for the third year in a row, and aims to bring together a large number of street […]

Christmas is a Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who gave birth to the Virgin Mary by the grace of the Holy Spirit in the city of Bethlehem. After the Annunciation, Mary was betrothed relatives of Joseph. Emperor Augustus commanded the […]

Christmas Day is celebrated on 24 December (the 6th of January in the Gregorian calendar for the church and the faithful who follow the Julian calendar), the day before Christmas, and is part of Christmas customs. Christmas Eve is the name given by the Yule log which on that day cut and burned. Christmas Eve […]

Yule log is wood (oak or young Cer) that for Christmas Eve cut down and burned in the fireplace at home. Yule log is cut before sunrise. Host with the children or grandchildren (required for some young) goes into the forest to cut Yule. Almost always it comes to young oak or Cer (very rare, […]

Church of Saint Elijah the building of the Serbian Orthodox Church, which is located in the town of Coober Pedy in South Australia. Belongs Metropolitinate the New Zealand and Australian-built in 1993. The church is unique in that it is built underground at a depth of 9 meters. Besides her under the surface housed the […]

Temple of Saint Sava is the largest Serbian Orthodox church, the largest Orthodox church in the Balkans and one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world. It is located in the eastern part of the St. Sava Square, in the municipality of Vracar, in Belgrade. It was built on the site that are believed […]

Ho, ho, ho! the famous words of an old man in the red, which is a symbol of joy and winter holidays, and one of the most famous personalities in the world. Of course, it is a Santa Claus! Did you ever wonder where it comes from a legend about him? In the imagination of […]

Near the center of Belgrade, away from the city, at the foot of Ban’s hill, near the Sava Lake, the Hippodrome is located in the heart of every lover of horses and equestrian sports .. Hippodrome at Emperors Cuprija’s oldest sports venue in Belgrade. Decree of King Alexander of 15 November 1920, the Danube Kolu […]

Setting the rich New Year’s table is not intended just to feed us, but every dish should be carefully chosen because it carries a certain symbolism of happiness, prosperity, prosperity. In addition to the traditional Russian salads, roast pork, cabbage salad and cake on the table would be your place to find fish and grapes, […]


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