Near Becej, on the way to Backa Topola, there is a castle Dundjerski, also known as Fantast. This castle was built by the landowner Bogdan Dundjerski in the period from 1862 to 1943 and he is a mix of Baroque, Romantic and neo-classical style of architecture. The castle has four corner towers, two circular and […]

Salty Kopovo represents one of the last preserved bar on the soil. Priceless is the center of a distinctive biodiversity of wildlife in the region of Vojvodina and representative example of mineral water habitats that are on the verge of complete disappearance. This is one of the most distinctive and most important bird habitats in […]

Natural monument “Devil’s Town” is located in the south of Serbia. This natural monument is composed of two, in the world of rare, natural phenomena: clay figures, as specific forms of relief that the area very attractive, and the two sources strongly acidic water with high mineralization. The two in the world rare natural phenomena […]

Lepenski Vir, palaeolithic site on the banks of the Danube, is a confirmation that their culture is six millennia have developed social relations, architecture and art. The cultural center of the prehistoric world, there were precisely in the areas of modern Serbia. Its culture is ancient about 8.5 millennia and represents the cradle of archaeological […]

Resava River is the longest right tributary of the Big Morava. Arises from Zlotska rivers and streams Bobovac. Its length is about 70 km. In its springing part Resava flows through Vinatovaca rain forest. This dense beech forest was declared a nature park and canyon Klocanica, left tributary Resava, which during the year plunges into […]

Nis is the largest city in southeastern Serbia and seat Nisava administrative district. Nis was the administrative, military and trading center of different states and empires which, in its long history, belonged. In the area of today’s Nis, in the ancient city Naissus born Roman emperors Constantine the Great and Constantius III. Throughout history, the […]

“Stara Planina” mountain range in Bulgaria and Serbia. After it got its name from the geographical term “Balkan”. For Roman times was called Haemus range. After that is the mountain chain called very differently (depending on the period); Aemon, Haemimons, Hem, Emus, the Slavs called Matorni mountain massif, Turks Kodžabalkan and the Balkans. The name […]

Tavern “question mark” was created back in 1823 and has been working on almost identical way. Every day is visited by many famous personalities, and only some of the regular guests were Matija Beckovic, Aleksandar Tijanic, Toma Fila … Knez Milos banned smoking in front of the tavern, because of the proximity of the church. […]

Serbian Orthodox Church, the believers, but also the entire Serbian people everywhere lived on January 27 is celebrated St. Sava, the feast dedicated to the father of Serbian spirituality, culture, the founder of the Serbian church and educator. St. Sava is celebrated as the patron of the school, teachers and students. St. Sava was born […]

Fruska Gora is an island mountain in Srem. The largest part of Fruska Gora is located in Serbia (Vojvodina), while a small portion goes into eastern Croatia, in Vukovar County. The term “Fruška” comes from the word ethnonym franc, which indicates that the Franks inhabited and controlled this mountain. Fruska Gora is an island, the […]


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