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It is believed that anyone who knows how this miraculous water for great happiness in life, especially those who are looking for a soul mate. At the Kopaonik mountain, about 2.5 kilometers east of Pancic’s summit is Jelovarnik, the highest and the most beautiful waterfall in Serbia, which is also known as Slap seven tears, […]

This incredible river is the center of European creativity and civilization for thousands of years. Incredible length and flow from east to west, have made this river the center of various historical events. The Danube originates in the region of Black Forest in Germany and flows into the Black Sea. Danube from the source to […]

In the far south of Serbia to ten kilometers from Vranje is one of the few royal spas in Serbia. Certainly what makes you eat the most famous spas of water temperature, ranging from 94 to as much as 110 degrees Fahrenheit! The capacity is 140 liters per second, and emerges from several sources. The […]

Trsic is a village in the municipality of Loznica in the Macva District of Serbia. On the rolling hills covered with beech trees and cerova forest at 7 km from Loznica is Trsic, the perfect place to spend a holiday. Trsic is the birthplace of Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic. As a separate entity within the complex […]

Delicious taste of homemade pies nothing can replace. “Gibanica” is a type of Serbian layered pie, usually stuffed with white cottage cheese with oil and eggs. From pita vary in slightly thicker skins. Layers crust and the filling can line up straight, or more frequently as a folded crust soaked filling the choir with a […]

Church celebrates Saint Tryphon as the Great who died for the Christian faith, not excluding its importance as a patron of marital love and fidelity that are part of the Christian sermon. According to Christian teaching, conjugal love is the level of love for God, which is your best works testify great martyr of Christ, […]

Stone Mountain is a town near Prijepolje in southwestern Serbia. It is a mountain village, preserved from civilizational achievements and urbanization. It breathes clean air, drink the icy mountain water, people are sharp and durable, and air moody and volatile. In the midst of rural Turza, Serbia has a lot to offer and the people […]

Ada Bridge is a road and rail bridge in Belgrade that connects the municipality of New Belgrade and Cukarica. In 1923, architect Djordje Kovaljevski carried out the first sketch of urban Belgrade and the bridge over Ada. Most in earlier plans was the site of today’s northern cover, a project UMPESO has been moved to […]


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