The third eyelid known as the century of crisis, when only a miracle saved the Roman Empire from destruction. Opportunities are partially perfect but fail only deferred for two centuries. In this unstable period replaces a large number of emperors, who ruled briefly, rarely more than a few years. From the first Roman emperor born […]

At the time they were built the first cities, yet there was no letter, so that we find traces of them, or deep underground or in the verses of the great ancient poet who came later, in bulk as signposts for the skilled hands of archaeologists talented and capable enough to find them . Belgrade […]

Goc Mountain is a mountain in Serbia, south of the West Morava above the Spa. It is located in a part of southern mountains and is 200 km from Belgrade. Gozo is the source of many streams and rivers which flow to Western Morava and Rasina in the north to the south. Goc is full […]

Today is the first day of winter, when acting winter solstice, an astronomical phenomenon in the day in which the minimum period from sunrise to sunset. Winter will last 89 days until the 20th of March 2017, when the spring starts. Start the coldest season of the year coincides with the lowest position of the […]

After cereals and rice and beans is a staple food in many tables in the world. Balkan nations consider it their national dish, and occupies an important place in our culinary art. There are many ways that can be prepared and always tasty and nutritious. In the grain of beans has about 24 percent protein. […]

St. Nicholas, miracle worker, protector of sailors and the poor, is one of the most beloved of Christian saints, not only for Orthodox people, and certainly one of the largest holiday for the Serb. This saint had a very exciting life story, which for centuries fascinated Christians. One possible reason for the great popularity of […]

What we now call Christmas tree is a tradition in terms of Christmas tree or Christmas tree. Tradition evergreen branches entering the house or placing ornaments in front of the house comes from the ancient times. Just before usually mark day winter solstice. Green branches were heralded, and remind people that winter is fleeting and […]

Do you like coffee? Below, read some of the interesting facts about this popular beverage. Caffeine is the most widely used pharmacologically active substance in the world. Caffeine is a natural stimulant medications, substances that affect the central nervous system. A few cups of coffee or a (real) tea per day has, waking effect on […]

Bachelorette party is the celebration that truly allows a maximum of fooling, I’m sure the guys will agree with him. Those less jealous. In recent years, bachelorette party has become an essential part in the whole story weddings and wedding receptions. Although obligations regarding its planning far less than for the mere act of getting […]

Sokobanja is located in a valley, in the south-eastern Serbia and administratively belongs to Zajecar district Timok region. Surrounded by mountains, Ozren, Leskovik, Virgin, Krstatcem, the ridge, Rtanj and Bukovik. Almost two centuries takes organized tourism in Sokobanja in an industry Serbian spa is located in a valley between seven mountains, as well as seven […]


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