THE VRELO RIVER – THE SHORTEST RIVER IN THE WORLD The Vrelo River is the right tributary of the Drina River in the village of Perucac, Bajina Basta in Serbia. The river is only 365 meters long, and is probably one of the shortest rivers in the world. Because of its length ( the number […]

THE FARM 137 – AUTHENTIC ENVIRONMENT OF THE FARMS IN VOIVODINA Through an alley of trees you arrive at the Farm 137, known as the Pannonian oasis that exudes an authentic atmosphere of Vojvodina’s farm. The atmosphere of the farms from the late nineteenth century has been carefully preserved. You will notice in every corner […]

KOPAONIK – EXPERIENCE AN UNFORGETTABLE WINTER MAGIC ON THE ROOF OF SERBIA Kopaonik is the largest mountain range in Serbia, known as the ” Silver Mountain ”, ” The roof of Serbia ” or ” the Mountain of the Sun ” regarding the number of sunny days per year exceeding 200. Also, Kopaonik is our […]

ZLATIBOR – START AN ADVENTURE – EXPLORE THE BEAUTY OF THE MOUNTAINS Zlatibor is a mountain of extraordinary beauty. It is characterized by a pleasant climate, mild climate, spacious lawns, rich pastures intersected by mountain streams and dappled with lush pine trees for which this mountain was named. The average altitude is 1000 m. Salubrity of […]

Gostilje village, 25 km away from Zlatibor is located on the slopes of the mountain Čigota. It is surrounded by forests, vast pastures and streams. Lovers of rural tourism and nature will be especially thrilled by the fact that in this small village is a unique Gostilje waterfall that is 20 meters high and where […]

Cascading waterfalls are formed on the river Petnica in the village-Potpeć that gave the cave its name. Petnica River, which flows out of the cave, fills the ponds where locals grow the best trout in Serbia. There are several nice decorated restaurants where freshly prepared fish is served.

The belveders in the National park on Tara are the most attractive locations where one can get to know and experience the mountain. The belveders on Tara are numerous and most of them are inaccessible but you can reach the most beautiful ones. There are five fenced and safe lookout areas for visitors: Crnjeskovo, Banjska […]

The entrance in the cave is one of the nature wonders. Its height is 70m and its width is 12m at the bottom. The temperature is 9 degrees in the cave when outside the temperature is 25 degrees. For tourists, the superior part of the cave is explored, arranged and illuminated, its length is 555m […]

The biggest european continental dune has 350km2 of surface and is located in the south-east of the Panonian plain, in Voivodina. The dune od Deliblato was formed during the ice age of the drifting sand, modified by winds into a very unique dune relief. The loess plateau in Banat and the Danube surround the Reserve. […]

Sirogojno is a vilage in the eastern Zlatibor. It covers an area of 5 hectars and there are around 50 houses brought from all over Zlatibor to keep the tradition of the Zlatibor village. It is well-known for its knitters who transforme wool in sweaters of excellent quality, sold everywhere in Europe. Visit Sirogojno and […]


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