Smederevkska tvrdjava , grad proklete Jerine, gradjena je tolikom brzinom da su njeni graditelji umirali od iznemoglosti. Narod je krivca za tragedije pronasao u despotici Jerini i nazavao je “prokleta”.  Tako je verovatno i nastala legenda o blagu, koje je ona zakopala negde na teritoriji tvrdjave da ga nikad ne nadju. Istorija na ovom mestu […]

TO WHOM IS DEDICATED THE MONUMENT OF THE UNKNOWN HERO ON AVALA? The monument to the Unknown Hero on Avala adornes for almost eight decades the city of Belgrade and became one of its trademarks. However, the thing less known is that this monument was erected on the site of the former medieval fortress Žrnov, […]

SMEDEREVO FORTRESS – ONE OF THE LARGEST LOWLAND FORTERESSES IN EUROPE Smederevo fortress is situated at the confluence of the Danube and the Jezava on an area of ​​about 10 hectares. Its greatest value is its original appearance that has been preserved until today. The example of the Serbian medieval architecture, preserved to this point, […]

The name the Old Town reflects a historical place and a role of the old city center from wich Belgrade developed. In addition to the old buildings, each of which has its own history, the structures that reflect the socialist ideology and the Assembly built in the neo-Renaissance and neo-Baroque style, in the Old Town […]

The architecture of the old city heart belongs by its style to the type of house in Voivodina and to the variant of baroque, classicisme, romanticisme, historical neostyles, secession and modern functionalist or academic architecture. It is more a symbiosis of different styles than a set of distinct copies of different styles. The Millenium tower […]

We tried to make us show you Roman well, one of the mysteries of Kalemegdan. It is a place that draws the biggest attention of the visitors for a variety of unexplained events that took place between its walls. One of the legends that binds to a well that at the end of the 15th […]

And this time exclusively for you we present powder magazine in its most beautiful edition. The building was built by the Austrian Army in mid-eighteenth century. Great gunpowder warehouse is consists of two halls resting on nine columns and wide area hallway. After returning to Belgrade Ottomans built a massive wall that hides the entrance […]


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