Ovaj svetac rođen je nedaleko od Jerusalima, njegov otac Zaharija bio je prvosveštenik, a majka mu se zvala Jelisaveta. Rođenje, život i smrt ovog sveca praćeni su čudima Božjim: Zahariju se, dok je služio u hramu, javio anđeo Gospodnji, kazavši da će mu žena, iako stara, zatrudneti i roditi sina. Došapnuo mu je i da […]

Epiphany is a Christian holiday that celebrates the revelation of God the Son as embodied in Jesus Christ. The Serbs have always been very vividly celebrates Epiphany. It is believed that on this day, at midnight, the heavens opened and then every wish can be fulfilled. The people of this day is still called Humor […]

Dynamic, chaotic, uncoordinated stylish, somewhat ragged and gray, but always “hurried” and loved all, because just the beginning of our favorite walking route that leads to the city, Slavija Square is in some ways the heart of the city. Slavija covers the space between all these so important and beautiful street – street King Milan, […]

Spas in Serbia – the great potential of Serbia and Serbian tourism serbian abundant mineral water springs, both cold and hot. Therapeutic gas and mud spa complement the wealth of Serbia. Over 1000 sources and on them over 50 spas, spa tourism made in Serbia, the most developed tourist branch. The benefits of Serbian spas […]

Divcibare is a town and famous tourist town of Valjevo in Kolubara district on the mountain Maljen. It extends from the Black top, fire, Golubac to Great Hills. It is located at an altitude of 980 m above sea level, the highest peak – 1,095 m. Plateau is named Divcibare or girlie bars to commemorate […]

Knez Mihailova street is the first officially named streets in Belgrade. Knez loved Belgrade and Belgrade is like Prince. With its commitment to art, culture, the European spirit of the city, a diplomatic solution of the problems … Prince Mihailo Obrenovic deserved it the most visited and one of the most beautiful streets in 1870 […]

Zlatibor is one of the most visited mountain tourist town in Serbia. Set bread is a local specialty from Uzice and Zlatibor District. It is made by a more roasted pita down egg and mixed with cream. To set pita used exclusively old cream. Originally, it takes a wood stove, flat bread, dressing (not fat, […]

Taverns are places that have a soul. And in them the human heart usually opens. Do we not love woes, or are we happy – your emotions can always show with traditional music. She knows the way to the soul of each of us. Tamburasi are always a good idea, no matter in which we […]

Hip Hop Festival – 2Hot4Stage fest vol.3 – 17, 18 and 19 of February. In mid-February we will have one of the biggest events on the Serbian and regional hip hop scene, the festival called “2Hot4Stage Fest”. Held for the third year in a row, and aims to bring together a large number of street […]

Christmas is a Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who gave birth to the Virgin Mary by the grace of the Holy Spirit in the city of Bethlehem. After the Annunciation, Mary was betrothed relatives of Joseph. Emperor Augustus commanded the […]


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