Southern Serbia


Mountainous region, south Serbia offers great possibilities for green tourism. You will be surprised by the atypical landscapes such as that of caves. It is also a region convenient to the relaxation thanks to its thermal spas in a green and peaceful environment. Archeological sites such as those of Gamzigrad or Caričin grad make this region culturally rich area. The city of Niš is the main city of south Serbia and shelters interesting Roman and Ottoman vestiges.


vino-zupa_koznikStolovi mountain, vineyards of Župa Aleksandrovačka, National park Kopaonik, Jastrebac, Devil’s Town – a world wide famous natural phenomenon, Vranje – the city of Serbian trumpet school, Niš spa, Prolom spa, cities of Kruševac and Niš, famous monastery Prohor Pčinjski, Vlasina lake and the region of Pirot with the river and monastery Temska and a gorge.  



Town of Niš, used mainly as a stop-over on the way to nearby towns, is remembered for the very unfortunate attempts by Serbs to free themselves of Ottoman rule. As a warning to those considering further rebellion (and now a popular tourist attraction), the Ćele Kula, or skull tower, was erected from the skulls of beheaded Serbs.

Zlatibor, in the southwest offers a short ski season but is also worth a visit in the Summer months for its mountain scenery and hiking trails. With its enduring Ottoman feel, Novi Pazar has some significant monasteries, and in Kopaonik, where the winter is nice and long (as early as November until as late as April), there’s primo skiing to be had.




DESPOTOVAC, for the cave of Resava and the fortress-monastery of Manasija,

SOKOBANJA, a famous health resort, nearby Niš

ĐAVOLJA VAROŠ, unique site in Europe, with its beautiful «stony fireplaces».


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