Zlatibor is one of the most visited mountain tourist town in Serbia.
Set bread is a local specialty from Uzice and Zlatibor District. It is made by a more roasted pita down egg and mixed with cream. To set pita used exclusively old cream. Originally, it takes a wood stove, flat bread, dressing (not fat, but the fat, obtained after baking pork, lamb …, dark in color and very salty), egg and cream.
Bun, cake or bread is the basis and possibly take it that is not as soft and no dough as plain bread. It is important that the preparation begins while still fresh bun. Pretop is the main ingredient. Is obtained by dividing the catch grease after firing lambs and pigs and then it is mixed and allowed to cool. Over time, pretop as it cools, which is located in the vessel, mountains separates grease down a gelatin which is dark brown in color, very salty and contains the appropriate percentage of water. Set bread traditionally eaten with your fingers today, usually the first “cap”, which can tear to pieces and dip in the middle and then move on to the rest or whatever you want.

When you are already in Zlatibor, be sure to try the specialty called complete bun! It’s hard to resist!