Taverns are places that have a soul. And in them the human heart usually opens. Do we not love woes, or are we happy – your emotions can always show with traditional music. She knows the way to the soul of each of us.
Tamburasi are always a good idea, no matter in which we age. Taverns with tamburašima are there to enjoy all the senses. Our eyes, the authenticity of the ambience nicely decorated tavern, complete with checkered tablecloths, which bring us back to some old time; our palate because tasty food, we do not have the opportunity to taste every day, and prepared by skilled chefs; our ears – the sounds of tamburitza “gypsy style” when he tried – he knows – irreplaceable experience! Every important event in the right way to celebrate with tambourine. A real sense of kafanski create tamburaši whose experience feel the audience, and easy to recognize which song will cause the atmosphere to glow.
Tambura instruments have evolved from a stringed instrument that existed in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. This instrument is called the lute. This instrument encounter with the Greeks and Romans. The origin of the name has not been established with certainty, but it is believed that the name of the drum comes from the Persian language where the word “Tn” means the wire.

The oldest of the drum which is today kept in a museum, dates from the mid-nineteenth century, and in 1847!