Tavern “question mark” was created back in 1823 and has been working on almost identical way. Every day is visited by many famous personalities, and only some of the regular guests were Matija Beckovic, Aleksandar Tijanic, Toma Fila … Knez Milos banned smoking in front of the tavern, because of the proximity of the church.

Tavern “question mark”, which is located in the old part of the city, right across from the Cathedral, valid for the oldest in the capital. Small dilapidated building, which exudes the traditional spirit, proudly standing in the street of King Peter and his mom originality citizens. In 1823 one of the main organizers the First Serbian Uprising, Naum Icko, raised the house in which the inn “?”, Which was then the property of Prince Milos. Since that ancient times until today, layout and appearance have remained almost the same.

This facility is one of only a few copies, which is an architectural remained virtually unchanged – in its form in a town house from the beginning of the last century. When foreigners come to our capital, usually require that they recommend some good national drink or a meal, and most enjoy a brandy and kebabs, according to the “question mark”. In this way, they can feel the spirit of our cuisine. This pub is the only one in the city that offers coffee in the old custom – with Turkish delight, with “fildžan”.

A cafe frequented by Matija Beckovic, Aleksandar Tijanic, Toma Fila team … was the Patriarch Pavle personally, who knew that a glass of plain water with the beans and salad.