For many, the first thought of Vrnjacka Banja, is the Bridge of Love, for a tragic story of two lovers, as in famous romance novels by well-known writers. Young couples, to keep the memory of a great love, that this bridge connects and separates, preserve the tradition of “tying” their love. Couples engrave their names on a padlock, tie it to the bridge fence and the key is symbolically thrown into the water.

Desanka Maksimovic inspired by this story of the tragic love, wrote one of her most beautiful love poems “Prayer for Love”.

Vrnjacka Banja is the largest and most famous spa resort in Serbia. It is located in the central Serbia, in the Raska district, on the northern slopes of the mountain Goc, about 200 km south of Belgrade. The most visited spa in Serbia is traditionally an attractive tourist center for rest and recreation.

Healing waters in the area of ​​the Spa, were known since before Christ. What Vrnjacka Banja makes special is the fact that on a relatively small area are located seven sources of healing water.

One of the symbols of Vrnjacka Banja and the best selling souvenir is a sparrow – Gocko. It is located in the city center, having a role of mascot on the international competition of the Games without borders that were held in 1990. Belimarković Castle or the Castle of culture is the center of the cultural life in Vrnjacka Banja. It is not only a museum but also a place to promote books, literary evenings, art exhibitions, etc.

The temple of the Nativity of the Virgin is one of the oldest buildings in Vrnjacka Banja. It was built in 1834 and represents the work of the archpriest Jeftimija Hadzi Popovic.