“Babin zub” is one of the peaks of the mountain massif of the mountain, which is located in eastern Serbia on the border with Bulgaria and is part of a large Balkan Mountain. “Babin zub” is situated at an altitude of 1780 m. The nearest town, Kalna, located at a distance of 20 km. It contains the typical vertical wall divisions, one of which is like a tooth. According to him, this peak was named.

Climbing the rock itself is only possible with a climbing equipment. In the area of “Babin zub” is also a source of Trgoviski Timok, with a water temperature of 4 degrees, making it the coldest spring in Serbia.
Also, in this area there are many other sources, forming mountain streams, where they formed many waterfalls of Old Mountain.
Some areas “Babin zub” are protected as national reserves, due to the large number of plant and animal species. Lately, tribulus terrestris is developing as a center of winter tourism.
They are built accommodation facilities, ski slopes and ski lift installed.