Salty Kopovo represents one of the last preserved bar on the soil. Priceless is the center of a distinctive biodiversity of wildlife in the region of Vojvodina and representative example of mineral water habitats that are on the verge of complete disappearance. This is one of the most distinctive and most important bird habitats in Serbia, but also the central part of Europe. 2001 “Salt kopovo” declared the special nature reserve, a natural treasure of great importance.

Salty, or Soskop wood Kopovo, as also called this unique local waters, is located in northern Banat and represents a specific and a rare nature reserve with up to 203 bird species.

It’s salty waters known by the unique Pannonia ecosystems typical of salty, muddy ponds and their occasionally dry out parts. The salt concentration varies depending on the amount of water and because they are easily soluble, they salted ground, which is already salty due to high groundwater levels. In the climatic conditions, these salts are deposited on the surface of the ground, and because of this, when in the summer the water withdraws, Salt Kopovo becomes covered by white covered by a layer several centimeters thick. Here is preserved salt marsh specific plant community.