Deliblato Sands is unique sandstone in Europe. Located in the southeastern part of the Serbian province of Vojvodina, in the southern Banat. This monument of Natural History of the Pannonian Plain is one of the few rare refuge for many specific types of flora and fauna., Which, in Europe and worldwide are natural rarities. Sandy coast presents geomorphological and ecological and biogeographical phenomenon, not only the Pannonian plain, but for all of Europe.
Only here, in relation to the whole territory of Serbia are Banat peony, steppe peony, Pancic wormwood, Serpa and Degenova snake’s head fritillary. Their habitat is found here and 20 species of orchids. Due to the presence of a large number of species of birds, many of which are rare and endangered, this area is listed in the most important bird habitats in Europe – IBA.
Natural characters and uniqueness of this region make it suitable for recreation, hunting and fishing, nautical tourism, primarily ecological tourism. In order to protect this area, Deliblato Sands was declared a Special Nature Reserve.