Vinca culture was spread on area larger than that of any Neolithic culture in Europe, was the most technologically advanced prehistoric cultures from earliest developed metallurgy and oldest script.
However, today is surrounded by mysteries … Vinca culture was the most technologically advanced prehistoric cultures in the world, but the earliest metallurgy in Europe, and the oldest letter have been found at the site of Vinca Belovode in eastern Serbia. Figure Vinca culture which was left were tested numerous times, and among the many explanations of their purpose, are the most extreme went so far as to claim that the figures represent the aliens. Although these explanations discarded mysteries surrounding the Vinca culture never ceases to intrigue and attract. It is believed that Vinca was because the city was constantly inhabited for many generations, the population was active throughout the year, and there was a specialization of tasks. Findings show that the first farmers of the Danube basin belonged to a special type of anthropology in which combine the characteristics of ancient European populations with graceful features of Mediterranean.

Vinca signs are usually rectilinear incisions that are made on already baked dish. They are from the rim to the bottom of the vessel. Up to now, has discovered more than 1,000 fragments that have etched these signs and symbols that are found in many places throughout Eastern Europe, the majority of old between 6500 and 8000 years, many scientists ensure that the Vinca birthplace of the oldest letter in the world.