Rural tourism and recreation in the countryside have become attractive both for domestic and for foreign visitors. Facilities and service levels have been raised to a higher level. Unspoiled nature, rural lifestyle, cultural heritage, the richness of flora and fauna, climate suitable for recreation, are only some of the factors that enable the development of rural tourism. Ethno villages have become a trend, and are ideal places for relaxation, peace and relaxation.

Serbia, our beautiful country is known for its beautiful landscapes and natural resources. Trend return the village again began to return to the mode before the 15-odd years, and the expansion experienced in recent years. Ethno villages were also started “popping up” all over the whole of our country. Thus, the tourists set off on one of these places, to be refreshed by fresh air, taste the traditional Serbian food and enjoy nature and peace of these villages provide. Here are just a part of the village you that you can visit: Drvengrad, Sirogojno, Latkovac, Moravia residences etc … Try to find your peace and joy.