This incredible river is the center of European creativity and civilization for thousands of years. Incredible length and flow from east to west, have made this river the center of various historical events. The Danube originates in the region of Black Forest in Germany and flows into the Black Sea. Danube from the source to the mouth of passing through different countries, but also the capital Vienna, Belgrade, Budapest, Bratislava …

The Danube is a favorite destination for many artists. He is not just a waterway, but also an important cultural attraction. Has inspired numerous myths, Romance songs, compositions and hundreds of modern novel. Huge amounts of water in the Danube river basin makes it the healthiest source of drinking water in Central Europe. Over the Bavarian channel, the Danube connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea. Thanks to its width, the Danube can sail big boats.

The Danube boasts a number of two hundred species of fish that live in its water. Throughout history, it represented an important source of food, especially sturgeon. This river has developed into a valuable tourist jewel, which is visited by people from all countries.