1. The biggest Orthodox building in the Balkans

Temple of Saint Sava is one of the most famous symbols of Belgrade. The total height of the temple is 82 meter dome with a height of 70 meters and has a golden cross of 12 meters, making it the status of the largest Orthodox building in the Balkans.

2. Midžor – the highest peak in Serbia

Infinite landscapes of untouched nature, vast mountain pastures and dense forests rich in fruits and herbs, picturesque villages and interesting folklore – it is a picture of the mountain, one of the most beautiful and most authentic nature reserves, where there is the highest mountain in Serbia, Midžor. The view from this vantage point, we will not even try to recreate you.




3. In Belgrade today, there are remains of the ancient city.

Contemporary Beograd rests on many remnants of once mighty Singidunum.
The essential first of this city erected by the Romans in the 1st century BC, and today there are almost no location in the old part of the city that does not hide the remains from the Roman age.

4. The cave in the city center

Below the church of St. Mark is located in Tasmajdan saltpeter cave from which in Roman times extracted the stone that was used for different purposes and usually for making sarcophagi which were later dug at various locations in Belgrade.

5. Street General Drapsin, Kikinda

The only street of Serbia, which is selected as one of 50 most beautiful in the world! General Drapsin Street in Kikinda has managed to qualify for this prestigious list, all thanks to the alley. Portal for Architecture and Design www.architecturendesign.net a few years ago published a list of 50 most beautiful tree-lined street with a line of trees and flowers star for several decades has included Kikinda street in this selection. Nebojsa’s Tatomir photo productions represented the Vojvodina street which ranked 22 on the list.





6. Depths Roman well

Roman Well is one of the biggest tourist attractions which are associated with many legends that this building makes it even more interesting. By the bottom of the well and back water 212 steps arranged in two spirals so that those who go down to those who do not meet the climb and do not interfere with each other while carrying heavy vessels of water.
Otherwise, the well is deep as 62 meters, which is 10 meters below the lowest point in Belgrade.
7. The first coffee house in Europe
According to historians, the first coffee house in Europe opened in Dorcol back in 1522. The facility served only black coffee, but there is a presumption that the word “cafe” so named.