Belgrade lies on the ruins of the ancient city. There is no inch of old Belgrade, which does not hide the remains from the Roman era. In fact, the first settlement was built by the Celts in the 3rd century BC, but it is already in the 1st century BC into the hands of the Romans who named it Singidunum.

Vinča starija od Mesopotamije. Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe as they are in its territory naoseobine existed for at least 7,000 years. Not far from the center of Belgrade is older than the Mesopotamian culture. Vinca culture, dating back to the first centuries of the fifth millennium BC and the first centuries of the 4th millennium BC), one of the most technologically advanced cultures are Bronze Age.

One city – fifteen names. The Celts called it Singidunum (on), the Romans Lux, and after that had many names, including: Alba Graeca, Alba Bulgarica, Fehérvár, Nandoralba, Nándorfehérvár, Landorfehérvár, Weißenburg i-Griechisch Weissenburg, Castelbianco, Veligrad (i) on or metropolis, Dar Al Jihad (house of war), and Prinz Eugen Belgrat Stadt. But the name that to this day has retained Beograd (Belograd), which was first mentioned in 878 in a letter of Pope John VIII Emperor Boris of Bulgaria