The Stopica cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Serbia, only 19 km away from the tourist center of Zlatibor. It is declared a natural monument. It is a river type cave through which flows the stream of Trnava making it very attractive for visitors. The layer of limestone dates from the Triassic period and is more than 100 meters thick.

Stopica is divided into five sections: the “Bright room”, the “Dark room”, the “Great room with bath”, the “Channel with tubs” and the “River Channel”.

The biggest attraction of Stopica cave are its baths. These are alcoves surrounded with stone walls and represent a trademark of the cave. They accumulate water and when water reaches a certain level it blends. Some of the baths are so large that they become lakes with over 7 meters of depth.

In the cave you can see the source of the river, where the water runs down the cascade, creating small waterfalls. An impressive waterfall gushes from a height of 9.44 meters. This waterfall is called a “source of life”. The deafening roar of the water in the cave and the water droplets in the air represent a real attraction for the visitors.