Near the center of Belgrade, away from the city, at the foot of Ban’s hill, near the Sava Lake, the Hippodrome is located in the heart of every lover of horses and equestrian sports ..
Hippodrome at Emperors Cuprija’s oldest sports venue in Belgrade.
Decree of King Alexander of 15 November 1920, the Danube Kolu riders ‘’Knez Mihajlo’’assigned to the state land for free rent for a period of 75 years, ‘’to meet the needs of the earth to create permanent routes for public horse left’’.
That year, the first gallop derby and the first race of the city of Belgrade, which has since become traditional.
Characteristic of the Belgrade Hippodrome is that all objects, I track, located within the ancient, cultivated park, which is a year round favorite place for walking and eating.
Almost every day by visiting schools and kindergartens, as well as the visitors of restaurants and cafes located in the area of the Hippodrome.