St. Nicholas, miracle worker, protector of sailors and the poor, is one of the most beloved of Christian saints, not only for Orthodox people, and certainly one of the largest holiday for the Serb. This saint had a very exciting life story, which for centuries fascinated Christians.
One possible reason for the great popularity of St. Nicholas the Serbs – more than 600 Serbian churches bear his name – is actually quite mundane. St. Nikolas falling at the time of fasting, a lean for lunch in the house always had.

Flour for bread and cabbage and potatoes for lunch, and brandy, were enough to host neighbors, friends and relatives. Since this was once a country of peasants, the winter weather was the only perfect for celebrations and gatherings, because there was no field work. The reason for its popularity should be sought in the personality of St. Nicholas, which is all the wealth inherited from the parents to the poor, the elderly and the infirm. With bundle set out on a journey with faith in God, and is considered a miracle worker.
Christians believe that his miraculous powers St. Nikolas helps anyone he spoke to aid in disease, disability and mental suffering.
With the help of his prayers returned sight to the blind, the lame walk, the deaf hear, the restores hearing.
St. Nicholas Orthodox believers are considered fighters for the faith of Christ, winner of evil in the world, and his name means National winner!