Sokobanja is located in a valley, in the south-eastern Serbia and administratively belongs to Zajecar district Timok region. Surrounded by mountains, Ozren, Leskovik, Virgin, Krstatcem, the ridge, Rtanj and Bukovik. Almost two centuries takes organized tourism in Sokobanja in an industry Serbian spa is located in a valley between seven mountains, as well as seven giants-keepers, and the number seven is a biblical symbol excels compared to other tourist spots and spas in our country and by all indications in recent years is undeniable.

Sokobanja, Soko Banja, Aleksinačka Banja, Banja etc. that through the passage of time referred to, is the proud owner of God-given grace, which is rarely any place on the planet possesses! Sokobanja is named after Sokograd which is still called the Sokolac Sokolica and Sokolniki. It is located at an altitude of 400 m above sea level. Well-known tourist destination for recreation, especially spa tourism.