The biggest european continental dune has 350km2 of surface and is located in the south-east of the Panonian plain, in Voivodina. The dune od Deliblato was formed during the ice age of the drifting sand, modified by winds into a very unique dune relief. The loess plateau in Banat and the Danube surround the Reserve. The dune flora is caracterized by sandstone, steppe, forest, wetland and aquatic communities. There are around 1000 plant species and the most interesting is banatica. The dune fauna is caracterized by insects and other species as : imperial eagle, falcon, mole… In the forest wolves are present permanently along with dears, roe deers and wild pigs. With all this diversity, the dune of Deliblato is an unavoidable tourist destination. Educational center of Cardak, school and recreation center – Cardak, hunting lodges (Fazanerija, Dubovac, Šumarak, Marina, Flamunda and Dolina), small places near the river like Devojacki Bunar and Cardak, camping and rural tourism in Skorenovac and Susara are just a small part of the accomodation offer in the reserve.