It is said, when he was in Skadarlija, was not in Belgrade,
so it is understandable that they are here hosted Queen Elizabeth, Spanish King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, George Bush senior, Willy Brandt, Margaret Thatcher, Sandro Pertini, Alberto Moravia, Gina Lolobridida, Bert Lankester, Tina Turner … They are not understanding the language, customs and perhaps not with joy accept everything happening around them. Almost every city in this street has its own story to which they are bound, and numerous human destiny.

If Paris is the capital of the world, Montmartre is the capital of Paris; if Belgrade crossroad of the world Skadarlija his soul. Skadarlija bohemian quarter in the center of Belgrade, and every day Skadarlija is visited by 20,000 people.

Skadarlija, which began to look like the rest of the streets of Belgrade, for the purposes of tourism reconstructed again looks like a bohemian quarter at the beginning of the 20th century. It is now one of the obligatory cities visited by foreign tourists. There are known restaurant: Three hats, two deer, Golden carafe, two white doves, Great Skadarlija, some days … Skadarlija is a place where after the wedding comes to food and entertainment. Of course, all the local delicacies on the menu mentioned cafe, and are unavoidable and legendary atmosphere tamburaši which certainly bring to the boil.
If you want to Proveselite the old-fashioned way with a lot of Serbian brandy, good food and live music played by tamburitza, then you need to visit Skadarlija. It revives the spirit of friendship and cheerful night life, the way it once was. Street 400 meters long fractional managed to maintain the old look with cobblestone asphalt, more or less identical façade and bars that stand in the same place for more than 150 years.

There is not much difference between Skadarlije the 21st century and the former than hundred years ago. Only men are different. Moreover, the daily number of visitors increases with respect to the Skadarlija now indispensable city attraction.