What we now call Christmas tree is a tradition in terms of Christmas tree or Christmas tree. Tradition evergreen branches entering the house or placing ornaments in front of the house comes from the ancient times. Just before usually mark day winter solstice. Green branches were heralded, and remind people that winter is fleeting and that is to replace the spring.

There are two versions, which are struggling for supremacy, when and where for the first time brought the tree into the house and adorned by a holiday dedicated to Christ. After the first, it was Martin Luther. He came out for a walk in the woods, a beautiful, bright winter’s night. Conifer branches were covered with snow, tells the story, and are illuminated by twinkling month, creating a beautiful scene.
Lutar immediately decided to cut the wood, carry it home, decorations candles and in that way try to convey the beauty of your home, which he experienced.
According to another story, the tradition of decorating sawmills was started because of the trade guilds of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.
Even in non-Christian cultures beautifully decorated tree symbolizes the beginning of the New Year.
Many heathen nations believed that evergreen foliage keeps witches, ghosts, evil forces and disease, a Christian legend says the angel gave the trees a star how could the gifts to Jesus.
As of today decorate homes during the holiday season branches of pine, fir or spruce, and the ancients adorned the windows and doors greenery.