Ada Bridge is a road and rail bridge in Belgrade that connects the municipality of New Belgrade and Cukarica. In 1923, architect Djordje Kovaljevski carried out the first sketch of urban Belgrade and the bridge over Ada. Most in earlier plans was the site of today’s northern cover, a project UMPESO has been moved to the very tip.

During two days in august 2011, when the bridge was opened to pedestrians, conducted a poll on the name of the bridge. Of the approximately 13,000 citizens surveyed, around 3,350 then proposed “Bridge on Ada ” and popular among the proposals for the name of the bridge was the “Harp”, then “Bridge Patriarch Pavle”, “Brudge of Zoran Djindjic”, “giraffe”, ” the range “,” Andric bridge “and other names. The designers of the bridge are constructor Viktor Markelj and architect Peter Gabrijelcic. Ada Bridge is a bridge Cable-Stayed Bridges. It’s long 929 meters, has six lanes, two pedestrian pathways and double rail tracks, meant for future subway. The width of the bridge is 45.04 meters. Pilon bridge is 200 meters tall and from stretch ties that hold part of the shaft structure across the Sava. Length of the main span is 376 meters.

At midnight on the night between 31 december 2011 and 1 january 2012. was officially opened Ada Bridge, with fireworks at midnight. The latest, most beautiful and most magnificent Sava Bridge is also a new visual symbol of the Serbian capital. To immediately boast, this bridge is one of the world recorder. The Ada Bridge, which is its official name, is the largest suspension bridge in the world to “hang” on a single pylon (column). Truly a new visual symbol of the city.