Stone Mountain is a town near Prijepolje in southwestern Serbia. It is a mountain village, preserved from civilizational achievements and urbanization. It breathes clean air, drink the icy mountain water, people are sharp and durable, and air moody and volatile. In the midst of rural Turza, Serbia has a lot to offer and the people who see it as their holiday trip to the countryside, the mountain, the spa or on the farm. Stone Mountain is perhaps the best example of what a village should be if you plan to deal with rural tourism. The potentials are unlimited.

Stone Mountain is a city that is a must for real nature lovers, active holidays and rural and health tourism. Stone Mountain name was coined based on the landscape in which the city is located, and to the forest on a rocky mountain, in other “mountain in stone”. Rural tourism is a trend in the world. Stone Mountain has already become a recognizable destination on the tourist map of Serbia. Nature has given beautiful landscapes and a good climate and its inhabitants “peaceful nature”.

Stone Mountain is a village in the municipality of Prijepolje in Serbia in Zlatibor district. They say the stone mountain hikes, many seekers of beauty and adventure, flying over the paragliders, the abysses and caves descend cavers, mountaineers climb this height. In its area has dozens of water-rich sources. Above Stone Mountain pine dominates the star, according to tradition, about four centuries.