Dynamic, chaotic, uncoordinated stylish, somewhat ragged and gray, but always “hurried” and loved all, because just the beginning of our favorite walking route that leads to the city, Slavija Square is in some ways the heart of the city. Slavija covers the space between all these so important and beautiful street – street King Milan, Beogradska, Makenzijeva, Svetosavska, Boulevard liberation, Deligradska and Nemanjina.
Slavija Square, of almost “funny” or divan in that his “madness”, and above all the central and one of the biggest city squares, used to be just an ordinary swamp. This place was then known as Simic Majur, as hunting grond and swamp thrived in Belgrade until 1879, when a Scotsman changed the history of today’s market. Mr. Francis Mackenzie bought the space from the son of the then president of the Serbian parliament, Stojan Simic, dried it, parceled out plots, urbanizao and intended for resale. Just as it began the formation of the town square, which has to this day remained a major landmark of the capital and most important traffic hub. Mackenzie was a great friend of Serbia and Belgrade. Today, in memory of the man who actually started the formation of Slavia stands Mekenzijeva Street, one of the seven major flowing at a roundabout.

Slavia is one of the city’s major landmarks, a major transport hub and urban or unfinished gestalt, which is about to serious editing.