Church celebrates Saint Tryphon as the Great who died for the Christian faith, not excluding its importance as a patron of marital love and fidelity that are part of the Christian sermon.
According to Christian teaching, conjugal love is the level of love for God, which is your best works testify great martyr of Christ, including the St. Tryphon. Holidays Saint Tryphon, which Orthodox Christians celebrate Valentine’s Day, which is part of the Western tradition, marked at the same time as the protectors of the sincere love of all Christians. Mid-February in the West is reserved for the celebration of love, and that we have nothing against the feast that celebrates the emotions, and we are left to the feelings and import this charming holiday. Celebrated on 14 February.
According to research, the annual exchange of around 190 million greeting cards, making Valentine’s Day the second consecutive holidays when it comes to greeting cards, business Christmas.
The red rose was the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love.
Its bud symbolizes a strong romantic feelings, so no surprise that roses are the most common flowers in bunches on this day.

In the Middle Ages, young boys and girls were drawing names to see who will be their partner on Valentine’s Day. They carried this name pinned to his sleeve week so that everybody knows their heart belongs to whom.