Arbour is a town in Serbia, in the municipality of Sjenica in the Zlatibor District. Today the town has evolved from the medieval market and caravan station on the Drina Senica way. It was in the parish Senica and it was one of the courts Nemanjic in medieval Serbia. Sjenica is located in the west of Raska region, or Sandzak. As a special small natural-geographical units stand out Sjenička plateau and valley.
The whole area is almost surrounded by the mountains Golija, Javor, Zlatar, Jadovnik, Giljevom, Zilindarom, Ninaj, Troiano, Suhar. In booths, 26. 01. 1954, recorded a record low temperature of – 38 degrees Celsius. Sjenica is known as a very cold place in the winter time is one of the coldest places in Europe. The very specific temperature for the trellis is often said that “Serbian Siberia”. Known for its unusual meteorological phenomena – thunder in the middle of the winter due to the penetration of warm air from the Mediterranean and the phenomenon of evaporation of snow. The snow on some mountains retains until August.