Plum brandy (or plum), type of brandy is strong and colorless or yellowish alcoholic drink made from plums. Like any brandy, is made by pomace comes to a boil, and then its distillation. Brandy is obtained by distillation in the cauldron for brandy with twice distilled. After the first distillation is obtained by the so-called. a soft  brandy after the second distillation. Soft brandy is used for cooking Sumadija tea as a drink a brandy.
Plum brandy is also produced in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Poland, and Romania. In a much lesser extent, brandy is produced in Austria, Germany, Italy …
Plum is the national drink of Serbia. Unlike wine, brandy does not require special supervision and the longer they are the better team. Plum is the type of alcoholic beverage originating from the Balkan regions. The name comes from the Slavic plum plums words. For much of the Balkans, this is the most popular alcoholic drink.
Sljivovica contains 25 to 70 percent alcohol in it and drink from a small cup.