This saint was born near Jerusalem, his father Zechariah was the high priest, and his mother’s name was Elizabeth. Birth, life and death of the saint accompanied by miracles of God to Zechariah, while serving in the temple, an angel of the Lord appeared, saying that his wife, though old, pregnant and bear a son. Whispered to him that his son be given the name John, and that through him many hearts turn to the Lord. Zechariah was confused and did not believe in the conscience of Archangel, which has remained silent until the birth of John. And so it was – Elizabeth born child, and Zechariah, who had previously been off being mute, took a table and wrote: “Let his name is John!”
Jovan began openly to preach and speak out against human faults and transgressions and calls people to repent and improve. How much is its appearance was awesome, even more terrible were his words, which forced all evil. When the Jovana widely rumored, they began to him that people come from all over to see him and hear his words.

St. John’s last great prophet. He called the Forerunner because it appeared BC and began to prepare a people for his teachings. Baptist called because he baptized the Lord Jesus Christ. St. John is an example of the character of a strong will, courage, justice, truth and honesty. There is a local custom to the people and the brothers godmother “for God and Saint John”, probably because it is considered a model John personality and honesty. St. John the Baptist among all the biblical figures of New Evet occupies a special place, both in terms of how to arrive at the world, and by the way of life that he led, and by the role of baptism people to repentance, baptism, and a hint of arrival of the Messiah, and finally, after his tragic and the premature end of this life.