Setting the rich New Year’s table is not intended just to feed us, but every dish should be carefully chosen because it carries a certain symbolism of happiness, prosperity, prosperity.
In addition to the traditional Russian salads, roast pork, cabbage salad and cake on the table would be your place to find fish and grapes, and here’s why:

Grapes is primarily a symbol of health and strength, so it is recommended to eat after midnight exactly 12 grapes for each month by one, to the coming year each month were healthy.
Since the New Year’s eve last Christmas post, the fish should be found on your table.
In addition, it symbolizes the smooth movement, movement without obstacles, as you suggests a light year in which all transactions “swim.”
Festive table is a very important part of the festive joy, how to gather her whole family and friends to help with drinks, food and joy greeted the next year. New Year’s table is the real source of happiness, pleasure and magical flavor that rejoice our eyes and palate. It’s hard to resist all those perfect festive delicacies.