Yule log is wood (oak or young Cer) that for Christmas Eve cut down and burned in the fireplace at home.
Yule log is cut before sunrise. Host with the children or grandchildren (required for some young) goes into the forest to cut Yule. Almost always it comes to young oak or Cer (very rare, if such a landscape, fir or pine). Selects the young and the right tree size such that host it on your shoulder can bring home. Before the cuts, the host refers to him “Good morning, Yule logs and Christmas congratulations.” It represents a living person and host him and addressed. In some regions host the first offer gifts Christmas Eve, wine and honey, and then access cutting. The first ax attack from the east. Christmas Eve should be cut out three times. Sometimes a third blow has been struck from the west to Yule fell to the east and welcomes the shoulder. Somewhere on the other hand let it fall not cut off completely. Then, breaking, twisting and turning is separated from the root of a broken part is called the beard. Chip, which flies out of the Yule log has a special meaning. Sometimes trying to catch the air as flies. Chip used for many purposes. Sometimes put him among the pelvis “to the cream was as thick as chips” or the hive be protected from evil or water, which are then considered curative.
Christmas Eve symbolizes the oak which shepherds brought to the cave of Bethlehem, where Jesus was born and which is righteous Joseph prayed to warm cold cave. Sparks that fly in the sky announced a special event. Also, Yule was the announcement of the Holy Cross of Christ.