In the far south of Serbia to ten kilometers from Vranje is one of the few royal spas in Serbia. Certainly what makes you eat the most famous spas of water temperature, ranging from 94 to as much as 110 degrees Fahrenheit! The capacity is 140 liters per second, and emerges from several sources. The significance of this water is not only a high temperature, but also the extraordinary healing capacity (mineral, sulfur-rich, slightly alkaline).

Mineral springs in the spa have been used for the treatment and in the Middle Ages, as well as during the Turks. In it since 1901 treating Queen Draga Masin, from 1914 and King Petar I Karadjordjevic, who treated the “gout”. Today, when in which he bathed in warm dina only memories but also a real attraction in the spa, because many patients want to have a bath right in, “the king tubs”.

Vranjska Spa has a moderate continental climate. The climatic conditions are influenced by the mountains that surround this tourist city. Summers are very pleasant, with warm days and fresh nights. Heights covered with forests protect the Spa from strong and cold winds. As swimming is served prehistoric man, in the Middle Ages was a health resort.

Vranjska Spa is one of the hottest spas in Europe!