Resonate festival is a platform for networking, knowledge sharing and education. It connects artists, designers and educators in order to initiate a debate on the position of technology in art and culture. The festival, that takes place every year in Belgrade, offers, during three days, an overview of the current situation in the field of music, visual arts and digital culture. Invited artists, lecturers and other participants represent cutting-edge contemporary creative industries in the world. Resonate festival 2015 is divided into two parts – conference and a live programe. The audience had the opportunity to see and hear:


Zach Lieberman, Jack Schulze, Kim Asendorf, Micah Elizabeth Scott, Karsten Schmidt, Sabrina Ratté, FIELD, Cod.Act, Lauren McCarthy, Andreas Müller, Mr.doob, Moritz Stefaner, Jaume Sánchez, onedotzero, Adam Magyar, Jesper Kouthoofd (Teenage Engineering), Robin McNicholas (Marshmallow Laser Feast), Paul Skinner (Tellart), James George, Alexander Porter, Irini Papadimitriou (V & A), Sitraka Rakotoniaina, Alex McLean, Arthur Carabott, Arturo Castro, Tim Gfrerer and many others.

Live program:

Ben Frost, Terre Thaemlitz, SOPHIE, Emika, Rrose, Lichens, Le révélateur, Sculpture, Rob Clouth, Bob Ostertag and many others.

We will try to evoke the atmosphere of this year’s festival.