Serbian Orthodox Church and Orthodox believers celebrate today the feast of St. Petka. In Serbia, the Holy Petka is one of the most revered saints, a day dedicated to her is one of the most common days od Serbian Slavas. The Holy Petka, which is classified as a historical figure in the order of saints, is one of the greatest missionaries of the Christian faith, respected throughout the Orthodox world.

According to tradition, the Holy Petka id of the Serbian origin, and comes from a wealthy and pious family. She was born in Epivat in Traklja between Silinaurius and Constantinople in the late 10th or early 11th century. She is rperesented on the icons in monastic clothes with a cross in her hand. She was lonely, she spent many years in the desert, according to tradition, and an angel appeared to her and told her to spread the faith of Christ.

Venerable mother Paraskeva is celebrated for her life in the desert, and for many miracles which, according to belief, were made after her death, and some believe that she makes them even today. It is believed that at the Kalemegdan fortress, there is the miraculous water that heals one who takes with faith in God and love for Paraskeva. The Chapel of the Holy Petka in Kalemegdan was built at the source, and two fingers of her right hand are kept there.

In the Belgrade suburb of Zeleznik is another source of the Holy Petka and believers claim that the source has a healing power. It is said that the blind can see there again, handicapped can walk again, and sterile women can have children…